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My Weekend Night: Movies Review

You know how the ‘average’ weekend goes usually… It’s Friday, right around 5 PM, you can’t wait to get home to your wife and kids and you want to do so much: to finish all these awesome house keeping projects, spend time by doing something ‘fun’ and then the Saturday comes and you decide that you don’t really feel like driving anywhere and just want to chill at home with your family?

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New Beginnings

Well… It has officially been 3 amazing years since I have launched my first portfolio website. Done in just few days, it was a work of art (or so I hoped) of the Graphic Design graduate from Des Moines Area Community College who had lots of passion for HTML and Flash. It was stuffed with fancy Flash transitions, and oh boy, was I proud of myself!

I remember stressing out before our Portfolio Day at College, just like many other students, we waited till the last minute try to complete our portfolios, trim and mount the best of our designs that we could show to our prospective employers. For reasons only Designers really know, it was actually one of the most memorable and fun times I have had in my last year of college in Iowa.

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