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Weekend Movie Reviews: Sometimes It’s Just Bloody Good

It has been a while since my last Weekend Movies Review, unfortunately, it has been crazy few weeks. I have quit my job at Flying Hippo Web and moved on to work at Shift Interactive in West Des Moines.

Even though I was swamped with a bunch of things in my life, I still was able to squeeze few movies into the past two weekends. As usual, it has been a very enjoyable and pleasant experience just to relax at home, on the couch, and watch a few movies with my dear wife.

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My Weekend Night: Movies Review

You know how the ‘average’ weekend goes usually… It’s Friday, right around 5 PM, you can’t wait to get home to your wife and kids and you want to do so much: to finish all these awesome house keeping projects, spend time by doing something ‘fun’ and then the Saturday comes and you decide that you don’t really feel like driving anywhere and just want to chill at home with your family?

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