Tacos Degollado: the Most Amazing Tacos in Des Moines

Hello, my name is Roman and I am officially addicted to Tacos Degollado. Trully, it is a sincere addiction. It was my mission last year (2013) to visit all the food trucks around Des Moines Metro area to find the best food and the best service. Let me say, after going and eating at 6 trucks, this is the Place.

Everything about this food truck screams simple: hand drawn menus, roughly printed signs, folded tables and plastic benches, rough location and ridiculously hard parking lot space that will literally tear half of your car off if you are not careful.

This place is amazing. Every time I am near Drake or working at Mars Cafe, I just have to go there.

Tacos Are… Delicious, Tasty, Amazing, Traditional, Fresh

Tacos Degollado

I love them tacos, priced at $1.5, you just can’t go wrong: fresh cilantro, traditional pickled Mexican onions, white onion, corn tortillas, few slices of fresh lemon, a piece of fire-grilled jalapeno, and flavorful meat of your choice ¬†– are ingredients for the best damn tacos in Des Moines.

The prices are very-very fair:

  • Taco with Tripa – $1.5
  • Azada (Beef Steak) – $1.5
  • Pastor (Pork) – $1.5
  • Cabeza (Beef Head) – $1.5
  • Lengua (Beef Tongue) – $2

The usual order I get are few Cabezas with 2 Lengua tacos with fresh avocado (extra 25 Cents per taco) and a Mango or Peach juice. Makes my day.

Tacos Degollado
Taco Degollado truckTaco Degollado truck

Where is it Located?

When I search on Google Map, it shows up as 1815 Univeristy Ave, Des Moines. I would say trust Google. Here is the map, too.

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