New Beginnings

Well… It has officially been 3 amazing years since I have launched my first portfolio website. Done in just few days, it was a work of art (or so I hoped) of the Graphic Design graduate from Des Moines Area Community College who had lots of passion for HTML and Flash. It was stuffed with fancy Flash transitions, and oh boy, was I proud of myself!

I remember stressing out before our Portfolio Day at College, just like many other students, we waited till the last minute try to complete our portfolios, trim and mount the best of our designs that we could show to our prospective employers. For reasons only Designers really know, it was actually one of the most memorable and fun times I have had in my last year of college in Iowa.

Can you say Amen, Designers?

Now, I am proud to finally make something new and different. It’s time for a little change – or changes. The new website is built on the powerful and robust WordPress platform, but there is still lots of work left… It is a year of 2014 and there are few goals I am setting up for myself – new website and blog were part of them.

Next step is to take a full advantage of the Blogging system that WordPress is. I want to share my thoughts about restaurants around Des Moines and places I travel, I would like to write about Design and inspiration, business and web design.

This is the time for the new beginnings for me and my life goals and aspirations. I have a lot to accomplish this year and I want to get to my destination while having fun and learning new things.

Thanks and I hope you have a great year!

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