My Weekend Night: Movies Review

You know how the ‘average’ weekend goes usually… It’s Friday, right around 5 PM, you can’t wait to get home to your wife and kids and you want to do so much: to finish all these awesome house keeping projects, spend time by doing something ‘fun’ and then the Saturday comes and you decide that you don’t really feel like driving anywhere and just want to chill at home with your family?

No Kids, So What Now?

This weekend was kind of like that for me – too many plans – too much desire to do anything about those plans. I found out that our daughter and my step son were staying Friday night and most of Saturday with their best friends and I had a night free with my dear wife… Her and I are huge movie geeks, so of course the easiest thing for us to go to the movie theatre. Duh.

Well, let’s be honest here, the Friday – January 31, 2014 sucked for watching movies on the big screen. I mean, seriously? What the hell? It’s probbaly the second worst week of movies playing since the summer 2013: I,Frankenstein, Jack Ryan, Nut Job, Frozen, Nebraska, That Awkward Moment. UGH!

Redbox – Boom, Done!

I knew my wife wanted to see 2 of the movies I picked from Redbox. So here are my personal opinions on these movies: Rush, Prisoners, and Don Jon.

Don Jon: 6.5 out of 10

Don Jon Review

Ouch! This movie got more advertisement than Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign… My wife was super excited to see this movie and all I wanted (let’s be honest dudes) is Scarlett Johansson getting it on with the dude from Inception. My wife, on the other hand, was super excited to see the guy from Inception getting it on with Scarlett Johansson.

We both got burned: the beginning of the movie, which was about 30 minutes, were hot, with some tense scenes  but after that, after discovering a third character, Julianne Moore, we were like: “Really?!” We both knew what the next hour is going to be…

The movie is okay, it did not have as much sex, tension or a story that stands out as it was advertised, both my wife and I were bitterly disappointed. More importanly, we both were bored.

What else? Some scenes were sexy, the moral of the movie is that age or look do not matter, as long as you can find someone who will make you ‘lose yourself.’ Sounds romantic, but again, we were expecting Tudors and Game of Thrones on steroids, with few of the hottest actors in the industry. I think it had average acting, dumb story, average movie experience – not worth watching on Big Screen, better to rent the DVD instead of Blu Ray. The movie is OK, let’s move on.

Prisoners: 8 out of 10

Prisoners Movie Review

I personally enjoyed this movie. Hugh Jackman is probably one of the few actors I am excited to see in a different character.

The movie tells a story about two families that have to deal with their daughters’ disappearances on an average weekend day. One family decided to stay back and rely on police while father from another family (Jackman) decides to go to extremes (torture and kidnapping) of the person that he believes has something to do with his daughter.

The experience is filled with tension, anger, sadness, and relief. I liked this movie, and as parents, it was a very useful and intense time for me and my wife. Great acting, great choice of characters and I would suggest anyone to watch it if you want something that is more dramatic. Good job.

Any by the way, my wife wanted to see it because she has a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal, since Donny Darco, so I did it for her, you see :) And she made a really good choice! I love her so much I am ready to see two chick-flicks in a row.

Rush: 9.5 out of 10

Rush Movie Review

Okay, this was totally a freak surprise for me. Who would have thought that the movie about Formula 1 drivers could be interesting? Well, it was more than interesting, it was one of the most amazingly captivating, intense and exciting movie experiences for me, personally.

I was born and raised in Europe, so I heard plenty of news about Michael Schumacher and his never-ending winning streak. I could care less about Formula 1. It is the sport of rich kids and huge sponsors. Well, this movie opened my eyes – a lot, about the harsh reality of this crazy sport. 2 deaths every year, on average, with 20% death chance Every race. That’s fucking insane!

Anyways, the story about two fierce rival Formula 1 race drivers, in late 70’s and early 80’s, James Hunt from Britain and Nikki Lauda from Austria is amazing to watch. I have not realized until almost the end of the movie that it was based on real events: the hot-headed Brit going against the cool-headed, calculative, and meticulous Austrian mind was fun and intense experience for me.

Watch it, watch it any time you want to see a good movie, it is really well-made and if you want to finally see Thor give a good acting – this is it, he does it, and he does it well ! :)


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