Bistro Montage: Place for Romance & the Best French Food

Elegant black tablecloth, ambient lighting and the sounds from the kitchen just few feet away from the dinner tables. These things only briefly describe a classy and inviting interior of this little French restaurant on Ingersoll Avenue. Bistro Montage, in my opinion, is the place to experience the romantic night and the best French cuisine in Des Moines with your lady, or your man.

The Story of Two Foodies

My wife and I went to Bistro Montage on our first official date on February 21, 2009. Did I mention she and I are foodies? We love food and we love trying new things. So, I was looking to take her to a ‘nice’ restaurant and try a different kind of cuisine, so I went on to read review online for the French restaurants. Few hours later, I have decided on Bistro Montage, it had pretty high reviews and it was close to the place I was interning at.

Five years later, after trying all the other popular French restaurants more than once: Baru66 and Django, I must say: my wife and I are still in love with Bistro Montage. It became our tradition to celebrate February 14th in that restaurant. Every time we go there, we have an amazing experience: the food is so delicious, every time we try their special, it is always so fresh and stunningly plated. Bistro Montage is out of the question, the best French cuisine. We never had any complaints, our food was always perfectly cooked and our waiters were always super nice and helpful.

Our Favorite Items

My wife loves the Beet Salad:┬áif it’s not on the menu, ask for it: the fresh greens, delicious sauce, warm goat cheese balls, and slices of beets are a very nice start to cleanse your palette before the rock concert in your mouth from the main dish.

Our favorite is the Duck ‘Orange, ask for medium. Perfectly seared on the outside and juicy and flavorful on the inside, this is a must-try when you get there.

My other favorite appetizer are the Escargot: the combination of their special sauce, garlic and spices are so damn good! It will rock your boat and will make you want to become a fisherman so you can have it every day!

The Negatives… Are There Any?

Yes, there are few. I would not call them negatives, as it cannot be always perfect. But few things to know ahead: it gets pretty busy on Friday and weekends, so… because the place is so small, it might get a little loud when you have people talking and laughing next to you, so just heads up. We don’t really care but sometimes I wish I could hear my wife better.

Communicate with your waiter how you want the ducked cooked. We made a mistake saying medium-rare one time and it was a little more underdone than we wanted. I would suggest to just say medium with a little bit of red, it will be perfect.

Enjoy Bistro Montage, It is a Gem!

This place is amazing and for me, it became more than just a restaurant, but a place of happy memories and a tradition to celebrate my life with my dear wife.


Bistro Montage Lamb ChopsBistro Montage Calamari Salad
Bistro Montage Lamb ChopBistro Montage Duck OrangeLunch at Bistro Montage
Bistro Montage Beet Salad


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